Wednesday, May 30, 2007



When I first heard the news my fear was that Mr. Al-Ghizzawi took his life.

When I saw Mr.Al-Ghizzawi two weeks ago I wondered how he could keep going. The health issues alone might crush the best of us, but couple that with the current condition of being in total isolation and it is hard to imagine pushing on each day. Al-Ghizzawi, like most of the detainees, suffers from depression. I can't call it clinical, I am not a psychiatrist. But I can call it unconscienable, not just because I am a lawyer but because I am a human being; something the bushies clearly are not.

These men, the vast majority of whom are totally innocent of any wrong doing against our country (or anyone for that matter), are left without hope.... and there is no end in sight.

I can say for sure now it was not Mr. Al-Ghizzawi. The reports are still dribbling out but the government attorney sent an email to several of the detainees who represent Saudi nationals that the deceased did not have an attorney and had nothing pending in the courts. Same was true of the three that died last year... another reason why legal representation is so necessary?

This day, like the 1800 or so before it, is indeed a sad reminder of what our country has become.

Shame on us.


Anonymous said...

Another dead detainee is agood start. Now just 380 or so more to go!!

Anonymous said...

I wish it would have been your favorite terrorist. Maybe Al-Ghizzawi will be next!! Allah willing!!

H. Candace Gorman said...

hmmm.... my favorite terrorist... those words don't make sense to me... and I would guess they don't make sense to anyone who has any sense.

Anonymous said...

You seem to love those that try to kill us. Do you not?

H. Candace Gorman said...

In the next several weeks congress will be reviewing several different bills to restore habeas corpus. Please contact your senators and represenative and ask them to restore the great writ now.