Monday, July 23, 2007

Cleared for Release

We have often pointed out that scores of Guantánamo prisoners have been cleared for release by the government's own procedures and yet they languish in Bush's Cuban dungeon. However, the list of recently released Saudis (posted below) proves that being "cleared for release" doesn't really matter since many of the individuals were never "cleared" (we don't know about the other 8 as the government only posted the status of detainees with attorneys).

Guantánamo abounds in meaningless bureaucratic formalities which are supposed to mask the total absence of the rule of law. However, at the end of the day, the vast majority of Gitmo's inmates will have been captured arbitrarily, detained for an arbitrary length of time and quietly released at an arbitrary date.

1. Fahd Nasser Muhammad Sultan Al-Qahtani – ISN 13; Camp V; Paul Weiss; NOT cleared
2. Saud Dakhilallah Muslih Al-Juhani – possibly ISN 53; no counsel
3. Muhammad Naji Subhi Al-Mahyawi Al-Juhani – ISN 62; Al-Halmandy petitioner
4. Yahya Samil Suwaimil Al-Alyani Al-Sulami – ISN 66; no counsel
5. Bjad Dhaifallah Huwaimil Al-Otaibi – ISN 122; Camp VI; Schiff Hardin; NOT cleared
6. Mazin Saleh Musa`id Al-Awfi – ISN 154; no counsel
7. Abdulrahman Owaidha Muhammad Al-Ju`aid – ISN 179; no counsel
8. Bandar Ahmad Mubarak Al-Jabri – ISN 182; Jenner & Block; NOT cleared
9. Sa`d Ibrahim Ramzi Al-Zahrani – ISN 204; no counsel
10. Muhammad Abdulrahman Ayed Al-Qurashi – ISN 214; no counsel
11. Hmood Dakhilallah Al-Jad`ani – ISN 230; no counsel
12. Khalid Muhammad Ali Al-Zahrani – ISN 234; no counsel
13. Jum`ah Muhammad Abdullatif Al-Dosari – ISN 261; Mental Health Unit; Dorsey & Whitney; NOT cleared
14. Bandar Ayedh Hmood Al-Otaibi – ISN 332; Camp V; Richards Kibbe & Orbe and Spears & Imes; NOT cleared
15. Abdullah Husain Sa`d Al-Zahrani – ISN ?
16. Gahnim Abdulrahman Ghanim Al-Harbi – ISN 516; Camp IV; Reed Smith; NOT cleared

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