Friday, July 27, 2007

Supreme Court here we come....

On the heels of the Abraham declaration confirming that there was no evidence to declare Mr. Al-Ghizzawi an enemy combatant.... and coupled with the complete inaction of the district court and the circuit court... I filed an original habeas corpus petition in the Supreme Court yesterday. What does this mean? Only time will tell... but my hope is that the supreme court will be convinced that it must provide much needed guidance to the lower courts and break the legal limbo that has kept these cases from moving forward. I hope they do something before Mr. Al-Ghizzawi dies.

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A new "do-over" detainee case reaches Court
12:12 PM Lyle Denniston Comments (0)

A detainee at the center of a sharp new controversy over Pentagon decisions seeking to justify holding Guatnanamo Bay prisoners has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court, asking for an "original" habeas writ. The case involves Abdul Hamid Al-Ghizzawi, whom the military is holding on the basis of an accusation that he was a member of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a group that has had its assets frozen by U.S. authorities for terrorist acts against the Libyan government.. (The petition for the writ has not yet been cleared by security officials for public access, and does not yet have an assigned docket number. For now, a motion for leave to file under seal has been docketed as 07M5. When a public version becomes available, it will be posted on this blog.)

A new "do-over" detainee case reaches Court

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