Monday, December 3, 2007

Denmark Declines to take Detainees

According to the Associated Press, Denmark has decided to pass on accepting Guantánamo detainees that the U.S. has cleared for release, citing security concerns. It is hard to be too upset with Denmark when we are unwilling to take these same detainees ourselves....but on the other hand the Danes are part of the "coalition of the willing"... I guess the willingness only goes so far.

So the men continue to sit... indefinitely... in the cruelest of conditions... and once again their only hope seems to be our Supreme Court. Chances are the Court will champion their cause once more...only to be ignored by the administration again.

I don't blame Denmark for saying no... but sooner or later some country... somewhere... must help these men...the world cannot sit back and let these men continue to be punished because of the arrogance of the US government.

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