Tuesday, February 5, 2008


As per yesterdays post I filed an emergency motion with Judge Bates of the District Court yesterday morning. It was cleared for public filing late yesterday and if you click on the title you can see the actual motion without exhibits... The general consensus is that Justice Roberts denied my motion in the Supreme Court because he felt I had relief available in the lower courts...I am testing that hypothesis.

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liberata said...

Habeo corpus

I ask myself
Why should I care
about some terrorist
sick, dying a slow death
in a prison
in solitary
on an island?

Why should I care
about his yellowed skin and eyeballs
his cold sweats
the searing pain eating into his side?

Why should I care
if he never sees his wife again
if his daughter was an infant
when last he kissed her
six years ago?

Why should I care?
He put himself there
He and his kind
that threaten us
deserve to rot in prison forever

Why should I care?
Am I this prisoner’s keeper?