Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As promised here is the list to date of the lawyers in the current administration who we need to be taking a serious look at (click on the title). Except for Matthew Waxman the list is not in any particular order. They were added in as I received emails or other messages with brief summaries of what they have done and after doing some research. If I have missed anyone that you feel deserves to be added to this list please send me an email.... (by the way if your name is not on here do not breathe a sigh of relief just yet.)
So I need more help. I want to make sure I am not missing out on any dirty little detail. Pick out a few on this list (or more) and send me everything you can about the individual. I will be letting you know more about this project as time passes but please know I appreciate all of your help.
And thank you all for sending bits and pieces of information and a few more names that I am looking at....
and the full names .... which I was too busy to put in!


Anonymous said...

Candace, I don’t think she’s on your list yet, but I came across this item about Kathryn Wheelbarger, an attorney for Dick Cheney, who takes the position that “Congress lacks the constitutional power to regulate by a law what a Vice President communicates in the performance of the Vice President’s official duties, or what a Vice President recommends that a President communicate in the President’s performance of official duties, and therefore those matters are not within the Committee’s power of inquiry," in response to Congress’ request that Cheney’s office provide information regarding Cheney’s involvement in authorizing torture.

Sounds like obstruction of justice to me, but what do I know …

Mary Ellen Crowley said...

For the sake of clarity and to avoid confusion, how about first names and middle initials? Feel free to copy and paste list below. I took the liberty of adding a few infamous names.

Keep up the great work, Candace! ~ Mary Ellen Crowley


Matthew C. Waxman

David S. Addington

John C. Yoo

William J. Haynes

Timothy E. Flanigan

Patrick F. Philbin

Robert J. Delahunty

John B. Bellinger III

Jay S. Bybee

Harriet E. Miers

Alberto R. Gonzales

Steven G. Bradbury

Daniel J. Dell'Orto

Douglas J. Feith

I. Lewis Libby

John A. Rizzo

John D. Ashcroft

John R. Bolton

Elliott Abrams

Gary L. Bauer

William J. Bennett

James Danforth Quayle

Peter W. Rodman

Stephen J. Hadley

Michael E. Dunlavey

Michael B. Mukasey

Viet D. Dinh

Brian A. Benczkowski

Alice S. Fisher