Wednesday, April 9, 2008


(Click on the title to read the judge's order. Many thanks to Charles Gittings and the Project to enforce the geneva conventions ( )for posting this so I could link to it...btw one of the many arguments the judge ignored was my geneva convention argument... the judge even gave the government a chance to address the issue which I raised in my reply brief...coincidently giving the government the last word in my motion.... the government threw in one sentence on the subject and spent the other 14 and 2/3rds pages presenting new facts that I was not allowed to rebut and the judge himself ignored the whole question of the geneva conventions issue in his Order...)

Judge Bates entered the order yesterday... I know I shouldn't be surprised that the judge continues to believe everything the government says and refuses to allow us to even see the medical records... but I am. In fact one would think that even if the judge was not going to allow Al-GHizzawi or his counsel to see his records... that he would ask to see the records himself just to be sure (in the off chance that Al-GHizzawi and I are not lying)... sigh...The judge actually goes so far as to blame Al-Ghizzawi for his health problems and trivializes his condition...
I thank everyone who submitted letters and signed petitions.... Judge Bates does not. In a footnote he stated that he found it "inappropriate" but hey, I say if a letter writing campaign was good enough for Scooter Libby in trying to stay out of jail it is certainly good enough for Mr. Al-Ghizzawi in trying to stay alive.


richard jehn said...

Perhaps some of us have a characterisation of Judge Bates, just as he has one of us. He terms our efforts "inappropriate"; we term his criminal and inhuman.

Linda G. Richard said...

Candace, and Richard,

Richard I agree with you. I am sick about this, and can only imagine how Candace must feel - since she is going to have to be the one to break the news to Abdel.

All the prayer, all the petition signing, letter writing couldn't put this administration back together again - or give it a heart, either.

I am shocked, and horrified that this can go on in the country that boasts about it's human rights record and condemns other countries for theirs while all the time, ours is at least as bad.

And Bushco thinks other countries what "our" democracy, and "our" values? I don't want these values!

My condolences to you Candace, and to Abdel as well. I'll continue with the prayer, and a lot of others will as well. Thank you for keeping us posted.

BTW I put your post on and at the end added his address and fax number so we could all "inappropriately" send thank yous. ;-)

The Law Office of H. Candace Gorman said...

I ask that the letter writing and faxes stop. It was appropriate to show concern for Al-Ghizzawi and send faxes and letters in support of his plight... it is not appropriate to send letters at this time...The judge has ruled and now I must move on to the next step in the legal process.