Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just got off the phone with Al-Ghizzawi's brother in Libya. Our government is preparing for Al-Ghizzawi to be released to Libya and I guess the US wants to be able to argue that it is turning over men not to countries that will torture and detain indefinitely for no reason (like us and Libya) but instead to "family members"... so we can say "hey, we didn't turn him over to the government we insisted that he be turned over to his family." So the Libyan government made Al-Ghizzawi's brother sign a statement which forces him to turn over Al-Ghizzawi to authorities when (or if) he is turned over to his brother. This way the Libyan government can say "hey, his family turned him over to us."
This is really ugly.
The government has to give me notice before they can turn Al-Ghizzawi over to another country.
I will continue to fight to get Al-Ghizzawi out of Guantanamo and not sent to Libya.

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