Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama ideas floating around the media

I really hate it when smart people have bone-headed ideas. The very thought of setting up yet another structure to deal with something that our courts were designed to deal with makes my skin crawl. If that idea makes its way up the chain we will be looking at least at another year before our innocent clients get the hell out of our gulag.


Anonymous said...

What about referring the case to the war crimes tribunal in Den Hague?

Eric B.

the talking dog said...

He's trial ballooning this of course; the fact is, the federal courts have been remarkably good at leak-proof terrorism trials, and we already have in place the Classified Information Procedures Act.

I think we need to get Obama's "movement", of which Candace and I and so many other people of good will are already part, turned back on Obama, to get the new Administration to realize that playing this by the book is "as American as it gets" (not to mention a dead foreign policy WINNER): even if people we are preconceived to think of as "bad" are acquitted, it's all 100% Bush's fault, for either (1) subverting the system in the first place so that there wasn't enough evidence to convict, or (2) wrongfully picking up innocent guys and not having a means for them to clear themselves. We have to-- as a political matter-- make it clear that Obama CANNOT LOSE POLITICALLY BY DOING THE RIGHT THING.

Otherwise, the implication is an acceptance of the Bush premise of preemptive justice: we can punish people without the troublesome necessity of proving them guilty of anything. In which case... we will have voted for "change"... in name only.

Manuel Miles said...

Don't hold your breath until Obomber does "the right thing". He's just another damned warmonger like Bushie boy, but much smoother.
He gets the crowds chanting meaningless slogans, just like another "saviour" from the 1930s.
You may get a change of venue, but the kangaroo courts will likely continue.
Now that's "change" you can believe in.

H. Candace Gorman said...

Actually The Hague is an idea that should be bounced around a bit. I think it would make more sense if we signed on to the International Criminal Court and then asked them to take the one or two men that have real charges against them. It would put the men in an independent judicial forum and it would take them off our tainted hands.
I don't think the question has been posed to Obama as to whether or not we would be willing to sign on to the court... I guess I should say "resign on" as Clinton did sign and then GW unsigned.