Saturday, December 6, 2008


This week the Berkeley City council (thanks talking dog) will take up the issue of whether or not to ask the Justice Department to file charges against John Yoo. Maybe it is just me but the timing seems off a bit.... Maybe January 21st might be a better day.... (just thinking out loud).
John Yoo deserves to be tried and (hopefully) convicted of his war crimes and crimes against humanity and if you want to learn how you can do more to get the man behind the torture policies out of a job click on the title.


the talking dog said...

It's actually the Berkeley City Council debating this. And while it's clear that the Berkeley City Council has no jurisdiction to prosecute Mr. Yoo for his federal crimes (and crimes against humanity) committed while in the federal service or over a state university, the question is whether this sentiment can be incorporated into a genuine popular movement (complete with "community organizing") that can in turn be applied against incoming President Obama and the incoming Democratic majorities in Congress if they have the temerity to try to escape from efforts at holding the Bushmen accountable for their illegal actions. Mr. Yoo is but one player-- and as egregious as his actions were, they were hardly the most egregious-- in a broader national coup d'etat against every principle on which this republic was founded.

Berkeley is already synonimous with being "out there" politically (or if you like, "out FRONT"). So... if this just ends there, and is just dismissed as part of the vagaries of "the extreme left," that will not be good.

Best there be a broader movement develops that politically forces the hand of our incoming government toward actual accountability on the part of its predecessors. Nothing important at stake: just our national soul and the raison d'etre for this country.

Manuel Miles said...

I agree with the talking dog.
Thomas Jefferson and the other signers of the Declaration of Independence would take up arms against the U.S. empire if they were around today.
Obama will be too busy committing his own war crimes to be bothered slapping any of the Bush Leaguers on the wrist, though.
You heard it here first.