Friday, January 23, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story?


the talking dog said...

Amusing, to be sure. But that same picture will now officially be displayed in thousands of federal offices and facilities, and many other places.

I happen to have the very same picture in my own office (Barack being my college classmate and all... maybe I'll ask him to sign it...)

We'll see: what truly matters is not the color of his skin, or the location of his portrait, but the content of his character. We will find out in the next few weeks if the soaring rhetoric and most impressive looking early executive orders will translate into tangible action "on the ground" to alleviate this national stain that has been inflicted by his predecessor. Certainly, ACLU, Amnesty INt'l, and so forth have been extending plaudits. Hopefully, we will all come to see that they have been well-earned.

Manuel Miles said...

"Hopefully" [sic] you will all come to see that Barry Obomber is just another warmonger -- as he has himself made all too clear.
Or, of course, you can pretend and fell all warm and fuzzy inside.
Meanwhile, the goon has been meeting with the generals to plan ever more war crimes in Afghanistan.
What part of "It's wrong to invade, occupy and terrorise other lands," do you fail to understand, Doggie?

H. Candace Gorman said...

You know what Miles? There are ways to discuss things without being insulting. We know you will never be happy and just accept that some of us will keep trying. Yes the US is flawed, Yes Obama is flawed but we have a damn good constitution and alot of people would like to continue to try and make this work. It is fine if you don't. Just keep your criticism civil.