Saturday, February 7, 2009


When I read the article about Obama keeping "ordinary" rendition but disavowing "extraordinary" rendition I was disturbed.... but I couldn't quite get around to putting my thoughts in writing. Well now I don't have to: click on the title and read what Dan has to say.


danps said...

Thanks for the link Candace. And it's nice to see a lawyer validate my logic WRT the law - I often feel out of my depth in that regard.

the talking dog said...

My own thoughts on rendition are here:

The correct term is not "rendition": it is, of course, "kidnapping," usually "a crime" in the local jurisdiction, even if usually (but not always) carried off with the connivance of the local authorities.

It would be nice if our new President stopped pretending that we can any longer afford--either morally or financially-- our "American exceptionalism."

It is understandable why he is trying to make one dramatic change at a time (currently, on the economy, with the huge "economic recovery project") and as such, needs to release "sort of business as usual" trial balloons in other areas. In substance, however, we certainly wish that "rendition" goes on that old "scrap heap of history," along with the rest of the Bush Administration.