Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spain Opens Criminal Investigation into the Bush Torture Lawyers

The Highlights From El Pais on Friday:

1. As a Spanish citizen and a Spanish resident were at Guantanamo Spain can base jurisdiction on passive personality and does not need to use universal jurisdiction--or at least a "pure" universal jurisdiction without contacts to the state.
2. At this moment there may well be European wide arrest warrants for the lawyers and others.
3. While there is some effort to change the law in Spain in regards to universal jurisdiction, it seems unlikely to affect a case concerned with crimes against Spaniards.
4. Immunity cannot protect them from this.
5.Yoo and others will no longer be traveling to Europe without risk.

Harper's Scott Horton has more... click on the title.


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Daniel said...

The world is watching and hoping for justice. Thank you Spain!