Sunday, July 5, 2009

Talking Dog Interviews Charles Gittings

Click on the title for the interview. As many of you know Charly is the founder of PEGC, the project to enforce the geneva conventions.
Charly is also someone who has been a great help to me and to this blog (small example... I can't post PDFs on blogspot so when I have a PDF that I want to bring to your attention Charly posts it on his blog and then gives me the link). Like many of the friends that I have made through my Guantanamo work I have not met Charly and only know those things about him that have come up in our emails.
So read the interview yourself and I am sure you will agree that Charly is one amazing man. Thank you Talking Dog for another great interview and thank you Charly for your dedication not only in your attempts to bring our country in line with the geneva conventions but in continuing to expose the illegal actions of our Government and "the war on terror"....

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