Monday, November 9, 2009

Arrogance Rewarded

A few months back the Government decided it could disobey a judges order and that no one would take them to task. The order was actually entered in all of the pending cases and I volunteered to be the one to take them to task. In October I reported on the first judge that ruled on this here.... now Judge Lamberth, the second judge I filed in front of has ruled. Judge Lamberth went even further than Judge Bates by allowing me to file with him what I think the Government should have filed back in July....(instead of waiting six weeks for the Government to pretend that this is hard work!) Judge Lamberth has also sent the question of whether or not I should get costs and fees to Judge Hogan, the coordinating judge. Here is a link to the decision. It is nice when every once in a while the Government gets what it deserves.

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