Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wing Nuts latest attack....

Several of you have email me today to send me some of the articles and to get my opinion regarding the latest attack by the right wing nuts against the Gitmo lawyers. Once again they are focusing on the big firms that are representing or that have represented Guantanamo prisoners...but now they have upped the attacks by going after current Department of Justice attorneys who have either represented Guantanamo prisoners or who have worked in big firms that have represented Gitmo prisoners (and believe me there are not enough of them in the DOJ). ThinkProgress looks at some of those attacks here.
This was actually a tactic raised a few years ago which I reported on in the HuffingtonPost here. That attack was quickly put down by the organized bar and I expect the same will happen this time around.
Meanwhile I will just add a little fuel to the fire by pointing out that several of the big law firms that have or still are representing prisoners at Guantanamo also have partners from the far right wing.... Bush's Attorney General Michael Mukasey comes to mind as an example.... perhaps Mr. Mukasey and others should resign if they think it is improper for members of their firm to be protecting the Constitution in this manner.
And if Attorneys like Mukasey think it is ok for their firms to engage in this work (and certainly they knew when they joined their firms of the probono work that their firm were engaged in) then perhaps they should make a public statement supporting the work of their firms.
Just thinkin out loud........


liberata said...

Ironically, the Keep America Safe crowd has an ad right next to your 2007 Huffington Post article. Don't know that they'll get much support from HuffPost readers, though

the talking dog said...

What's fascinating is the timing of the need to play to the racist/nativist/"tea party" crowd (see, for example, the sudden need to do a 9/11 tribute to Gander, Newfoundland of all places during the Olympics broadcast by the General Electric Corporation-- an interruption of covering actual athletic events for nearly an hour, just as an excuse to show the freaking burning World Trade Center again). And so we see features such charming attributes as the Neo-McCarthyist attack on current and former habeas lawyers ("I have a list of 200 Communists in the State Dept... or is that 9 people with the nerve to represent Muslims in the Justice Dept..."), or the sudden attacks in the UK on Moazzam Begg as recently reported by Andy Worthington (http://www.andyworthington.co.uk/2010/02/10/defending-moazzam-begg-and-amnesty-international/)

I'm thinking that after 8 1/2 years of the endlessness justifying the meaningless of the two massive wars which seem to have no end in sight (nor is OBL in sight, either), the corporate power structure simply needs to keep that military/industrial mojo flowing, lest the general malaise create some sort of counter-narrative that devoting such a high percentage of our GDP to torture and homicide is a bad thing... wouldn't want that.

Also, talk about "10 dimensional chess"... these former habeas attorneys are going right into a DOJ that has done its damndest to make exactly the same (or even more totalitarian in some cases) arguments and take the same positions as the Bush Administration... only, of course, the Obama Admin. still gets attacked anyway!

You'd THINK that after a while the Obama Admin. would get the message that trying to placate right wing nuts just has no percentage in it... but then, once one realizes that the Obama Admin. cares only for its hedge fund/investment bank masters, then suddenly everything that's going on takes on perfect clarity.

Sorry folks: Constitutional rights just aren't good for business.

Did I say all that out loud?