Monday, November 1, 2010


Well the "show sentencing" is over. By making his plea deal, the kid we locked up and tortured since age 15 agreed not to contest the made up accusations against him and the "jury" gave him 40 make believe years. Of course if he contested who knows what would have happened so it was probably the safest move for him. Soooo, this unfortunate young man will spend the next year in solitary confinement (unless his attorneys were able to get that changed in the plea deal) because those are the rules of my pathetic country.....once found guilty they are locked in solitary. Then he moves on to his homeland for the rest of his seven year sentence and that becomes an issue for the Canadians. No great hope there as the Canadians wouldn't lift a finger to help their young son all these years. The best that can be hoped for is that the Canadians dump Stephen Harper and go back to being the Canadians that we all knew and loved... as the country to find sanctuary..... so far, things look as glum as ever on that score.
Meanwhile, it seems that some on my side of the boarder are thinking that sentencing based on a plea deal that requires not only an admission but an agreement not to contest really shouldn't stand......
Finally, I hope the rest of the world takes note, killing US soldiers is a war crime..
The galloping beaver has more here.
Daphne Eviatar has more here.
And Andy Worthington gives us a glimpse of the human side.
All of this leaves me wondering when my country will hit rock bottom....seems the bottom is further away than I thought.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog I get the feeling you hate America. As a Soldier that has seen too many good people killed by cowardly, murderous insurgants and zealots, I can't believe you work so diligently for the release of murders and enemies of humanity. But someone has to do it, I guess. Wouldn't want your job.

Anonymous said...

Reading your comment I get the feeling that you're the type to send death threats to people (including Wikileaks supporters).

Holding people without charging them is cowardly. There is no admissible evidence to convict the detainees of their alleged "crimes". As a legal student, I find it appalling that the law has been completely ignored in favor of fear mongering and placating far-rightests.

If it were not for American meddling in other's affairs, we wouldn't have soldiers attacked by allies of the insurgents, who honestly believe they have a right to fight, and we wouldn't have to work so hard to defend rights.