Friday, August 5, 2011

Breaking Hicks.....

For those of you unfamiliar with David Hicks he is an Australian man who was held at guantanamo. The only way he could bust out of the hellhole was to plead guilty to things that were not illegal....a familiar theme for those who have managed to leave Gitmo after being charged in a military commission. David Hicks has written a book. If you are reading this blog from somewhere in the United States I will just tell you now you cannot buy his book in this here land of the free....everywhere else in the fuckin' world the book is available - you cannot even buy the book from Amazon or on your kindle... Anyway, the powers to be in Australia are now trying to take away any profit that he makes from the book and there will be a hearing later this month in the Australian courts....hopefully the Aussie judges have a bit more backbone than the judges in my country that are hearing Gitmo issues.
just sayin.

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