Friday, May 24, 2013

The Talking Dog on Obama's speech

Well here it is....As promised, the talking dog nails Barrack's speech.
And let me also add my thanks to Medea Benjamin for heckling the president and telling it like it is.
Obama is a coward and a weasel.
He claims the right to assassinate not only his own citizens but innocent civilians around the world.
But somehow he lacks the power to release innocent prisoners held by our country without due process- or any process for that matter.
He touts the rule of law while ignoring it.
His department of "justice" is ...and has been during his entire presidency...out of control-
and now he claims he is going to talk to Holder about it.
Really Barrack?

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Linda G. Richard said...

I KNEW you'd have an excellent comment!!! I'm with you! This idiot is a lying sack of crap! I cannot believe he thinks anyone takes him seriously! Now he wants $556 MILLION to keep Guantanamo going.... I always thought Nixon was the worst president ever. Nope. Obama took that over. Absolutely!

Candace I could not watch the speech. I had to stop doing that when I found myself tossing heavy objects at the tv set...the big heavy glass of water was the final straw.... I'm lucky I'm not electrocuted.

Besides, I have high blood pressure. Hearing his voice as he lies is way too much for me! At least when I read it - I can take breaks. (to the vomitarium)

What a mess. Thank you scared americans who couldn't bring themselves to vote third party out of FEAR. :-( Grrr.... this is what happens when you listen to that ridiculous "lesser evil" argument. :-(((

I should not be mad at the people... I'll write that 100X on the blackboard.. some time..