Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another Detainee Cleared For Release...

Today the periodic review board announced that Saeed Sarem (235) won his Periodic Review case and is now cleared for release.

According to fellow Gitmo attorney Brian Foster the stats are now:

With this clearance, the prison population returns to equipoise, with 56 men cleared, 56 awaiting clearance, and 10 in the military commission system. 

Yemenis: 48 cleared, 25 awaiting clearance, 3 mil-comm

Others: 8 cleared, 31 awaiting clearance, 7 mil-comm

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Pilar Fuerte said...

From: Pilar Fuerte
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Subject: Dr. Ronald L Sollock MD, PHD, Captain USN, Medical Corps

I have recently read the February 2008 article "The Hippocratic Oath Died In Guantanamo".
Even today, it is full of spite and disrespect for all the members of the Medical Corps and the
medical profession caring for those who would gladly take their own lives to harm our country.
How dare the author use the term " war criminal" on our medical professionals.
How dare she even mention the name of a respected and now deceased physician, husband and fathere
like Dr. Ronald Sollock. It only reflects badly on her and on your organization.
Dr. Sollock died in the line of duty caring for thousands of brave members of our Navy.
I am sure the author would resent being called a "shyster". I am sure she would want to be
respected as a principled Attorney.
However, she does not give a Patriot like Dr. Sollock the same respect.
Our system of true justice, gives our citizens the right to be innocent until proven otherwise.
The author indulges in a hateful attempt at character assasination.
She could not have picked a worse target. Doctor Sollock was the best physician I have ever known.
Above all he embodied something the author never will, he did no harm. He healed.