Monday, May 11, 2015

Center for Constitutional Rights is Reading the Summary of the Torture Report to the Department of Justice--- because the Justice Department refuses to read it....

If DOJ won’t read the torture report, CCR will read it to them

Five months after the release of the executive summary of the Senate CIA Torture Report, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has yet to open an investigation of the government officials who authorized and covered up the heinous crimes detailed in it. This is not surprising given that, apparently, they haven’t even read the full report as doing so would make it subject to Freedom of Information Act requests seeking its declassification. The DOJ is abdicating its duty to investigate and prosecute these crimes, and we must not stand for it. To prevent future state-sponsored torture, it is imperative that the DOJ prosecute government torturers. Last week, CCR joined Amnesty International and other allies to demand that the DOJ read the report as a first step towards justice. The report shows unequivocally that the CIA tortured men like our client Majid Khan, whose name is mentioned hundreds of times, and lied repeatedly to Congress about the effectiveness of the program. If the DOJ won’t read the report, we'll read it to them, one page at a time, as a reminder of the state crimes they are willfully ignoring. In this video, CCR's Wells Dixon reads page 115, which concerns the rape of Majid Khan.

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