Thursday, July 30, 2015


Apparently Obama does not want it.... while declaring the war over on one side of his mouth on the other side of his mouth he declares the war is not over and therefore the prisoners of war cannot be released.
This is the continued saga of a president who says one thing in press releases and quite another in litigation.
Today Judge Lamberth (you might recall him from the notorious statement he made several years ago where he declared publicly that he did not think he could release any of the Guantanamo detainees because hell- "How confident can I be that if I make the wrong choice that he won't be the one that blows up the Washington Monument or the Capitol?"  I filed a motion to recuse Judge Lamberth from hearing my clients case on that basis...and he did in fact recuse himself.) decided that the president really did not mean it when he said the war was over and therefore the detainees cannot be released on the basis that the war is over. In other words.... Obama lied when he said the war was over.
I will link to the opinion soon....

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