Friday, September 11, 2015

a comment about Hassan and the other men released....

Perhaps it is to keep up the false pretense that all of the men that have been held at Guantanamo are "bad" but I have to mention this very disturbing fact which was highlighted in my last post: each and every man that has been released from Guantanamo under the Obama administration has been "cleared" by all of the government agencies. In other words, these men should not be treated as criminals when they are finally on the plane to be set free. Mr. Al-Ghizzawi was treated in the same fashion as Mr. Hassan.... as have all of the other men cleared and released.
This has been my country's last inhumane measure before these men are finally free and I am deeply ashamed.


WV 1st District DNC Delegate said...

Well it is of a piece with the refusal of the US government to even apologize to Maher Arar - Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks before the Boston Marathon
bombing I posted when will
FBI agents create their next terrorist

google whosarat fbi forum

Open website toolbox and scroll
down 1/3 of page

good pist

H. Candace Gorman said...

Couldn't find the post but thanks for the heads up on the website.