Thursday, July 4, 2013

What would Mandela say?

The irony of Obama going on a tour of Mandela's old prison and and viewing Mandela's solitary cell is probably not lost on most of the world - although I feel quite confident in suggesting it is probably lost on most Americans. Not only because of the 166 men in solitary at Guantanamo but also the 80,000- mostly black men- being held in solitary confinement across America.  I feel quite certain that if Mandela could speak to the president he would tell him to go and take a look at Guantanamo- go and take a look at your super max prisons- and take a peek at the cells those men are currently living in.... instead of doing photo-ops in a long closed prison in South Africa.

But I guess that wouldn't be a good photo-op for his audience here in the US of A.

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