Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New on HuffPo:

Candace has a new piece in Huffington Post, Camp 6: The Worst of the Worst. In it she describes her meeting with Al-Ghizzawi in Camp 6, Guantánamo's newest and cruelest prison facility:

The windowless six-by-six closet-size room had two chairs and a table. Mr. Al-Ghizzawi was stooping low to the floor and huddled against the wall when I entered. His arms were wrapped around his body as he tried to warm himself from the chill he has had for over two months, and his feet were shackled to the floor. He was shivering, his teeth were clenched and he wouldn't look at me.

He told me that I was his guest so he did not want to insult me by not visiting with me, but that he was feeling very ill and he was ashamed to have me see him in orange. You see, the orange jumpsuits are worn by prisoners who are being punished. Mr. Al-Ghizzawi explained to me that when he went to take a shower two days earlier he had toilet paper in his pocket. It is forbidden for the prisoners to have anything in their pocket when they go for showers. That landed Mr. Al-Ghizzawi two days in the orange jumpsuit. It made him feel like a criminal.

Close Guantanamo Now!

Amnesty's Make Some Noise campaign has received many homemade videos calling for the closing of the Guantánamo Bay camps. The above video is a "mash up" of various submissions.