Saturday, June 13, 2009

chipping away at the torture lawyers....

Speaking of Torture...

Check out this from the emptywheel.... and this second post that followed.
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Sign on for torture accountability

Sign on for torture accountability!

The Attorney General's reluctance to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate potential crimes by former officials involved in torturing detainees is endangering our nation's fundamental values and our credibility as a worldwide human rights leader.

Take a stand today by signing BORDC's letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Senate Intelligence Committee demanding accountability for torture. We will be sending a series of letters, including some on behalf of individuals practicing particular professions, reflecting the unique challenges they face.

Letter open to all signers

Letter signed by legal professionals

Letter signed by education professionals

Letter signed by clergy and religious lay-leaders

Interesting Torture Timeline with Links

From Roger Fitch and Our Friends Down Under at Justinian

Roger Fitch Esq • June 9, 2009

Our Man in Washington

President Obama says he wants to close Guantánamo Bay … This Konzentrationslager was flawed from the start … There was no law to support the “enemy combatant” regime … Roger Fitch tracks the fate of some of the better known detainees

imageNow that Barack Obama is settling into the daunting task of returning the US to a constitutional democracy, perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on the fate of Guantánamo prisoners, individual victims of George Bush’s comprehensively illegal project.

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