Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Latest Gitmo News

There has been some things happening related to the Gitmo detainees that is of interest. First, the Supreme Court is looking at the issue of whether the US Government is free to torture long as it is not on our soil.... Click here for more on the story. Also newsworthy is that the Algerian Government acquitted two men who were released back to Algeria from Guantanamo after seven years at the hellhole. That is good news for some of the Algerian men still being held at Guantanamo who fear going home because of the threat of further persecution. Read more on this story here. Daphne Eviatar also updated the sad story of the prisoner who died at Guantanamo earlier this year. Seems there is an ongoing investigation related to whether the man died of medical neglect. Read more about that here. Finally one more detainee had his habeas petition entered: Congrats to attorneys Buz Eisenberg and Jerry Cohen...(Farhi Saeed bin Mohammed (ISN 311) v. Obama , 05-cv-1347(GK)) .