Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From our Friends down under at Justinian

USA's new found regard for international law

Monday, March 21, 2011
Justinian in Guantanamo, Law of war, Roger Fitch Esq

Batting Padilla around the federal circuit courts ... The varied meanings ofhabeas corpus ... "Material support for terrorism" up for review in CMCR ... The Raymond Davis case - Vienna Convention applied to CIA agent ...Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington

Donald Rumsfeld just published his memoirs, and he's receiving conservative accoladesfor "defending the constitution".

Rummy gave Guantánamo his seal of approval as "one of the finest prison systems in the world", though it's far more likely he'll be doing time in, say, Europe.

The former defence secretary and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz have meanwhile succeeded in getting the civil suit against them by José Padilla thrown out.

Padilla is the American citizen seized in a civilian courtroom in New York, taken to a military brig in South Carolina, and subjected to years of pointless punishment and cruelty.

Scotusblog has the new ruling. It's a shocking decision in which an Obama appointee in South Carolina dismissed a torture suit, because it's inconvenient for important people.

It was the reverse of the decision in California in Padilla's lawsuit against John Yoo. Glenn Greenwald and Emptywheel comment.

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