Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mr. Khadr you are free to leave....

And so, with those words Omar Khadr finally became a free man....well so to speak... he is out on bail.
congrats to Khadr and his legal team.
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And Harper.... I hope you lose this coming election.....big time.

While we wait....

Today we will find out if Mr. Khadr will be allowed out of prison on bail. A psychological assessment of the young man discusses his attitudes and fears.

 "The statements from Mr. Khadr, now 28, are contained in an assessment by a prison psychologist that paints an unprecedented portrait of his inner life, often in his own words. A judge is to rule Thursday on whether the Canadian citizen can be set free after 13 years of incarceration in Afghanistan, the United States and Canada."

Read more about that assessment here.

I of course do not know what will happen today but I will say that the Canadian courts have generally been fair to Mr. Khadr-- it is the Harper administration that continues to cause the problems.