Thursday, September 6, 2012

Human Right's Watch report on Qadaffi and Bush-joint torture

After the fall of Qadaffi (yes, I think I really do spell it differently every time...) the secret intelligence office was raided by the populace and many of the documents detailing the abuse and torture of men turned over to Qadaffi by the Bush administration came to light. The report is long but click here to read it (I am just starting to read it). For the clifnotes version Scott Horton has this...

Judge Lamberth's surprise- UPDATED AGAIN

And here I thought he would never rule against the government on anything related to Guantanamo. I guess this was even too outrageous for him. At least until the DC Circuit gets hold of this issue the attorneys for men who lost their habeas case can still communicate and visit with their clients. Read the corrected decision here (sorry it takes awhile to load). The judge corrected the decision to reflect that a handful of men have had legal proceedings...actually only one has had a truly legal proceeding-the one (Ahmed Ghalani) that was moved to NY to be tried. (h/o to D. Remes for the name and last link below!)
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