Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Seems that British lawmakers have finally figured out why British resident Shaker Aamer has been held so long- despite being cleared for release for approximately 7 years. Many of us have long suspected it was because of torture that he witnessed. Maybe even the death of the three men whom the military claimed committed suicide at the same time. A story that has never rung true.
Anyway, maybe now British lawmakers will demand the return of Aamer.
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So today Harper's Canada plans to make good on their mean spirited quest to block bail for Khadr (the Canadian teenager who was held at Guantanamo since he was 15 years old).
"The Canadian government announced Monday that it would seek an emergency stay on bail granted by a Canadian judge to former Guantanamo detainee and Canadian national Omar Khadr, who has spent almost half his life behind bars." 
Harper is justifying his actions by saying that he is doing it because the U.S. wants Khadr to stay in jail. But U.S. officials are not backing up that claim... appaarently Harper just made it up and thought the U.S. would agree- but we didn't (for once!)
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