Thursday, January 7, 2010

And when all else fails.....

Keep your sense of humor.
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The Sins of Guantanamo: We're keeping detainees in the camp because we're afraid of things they haven't done yet?

Click on the title to read Dahlia Lithwick's insightful piece on the dangerous paranoia plaguing Guantanamo that has resulted in the continued detention of innocent men.

Attorney Cori Crider writes of her Yemeni client at Gitmo

New York Times re-runs retracted story from last year....

They were called on this garbage last year when they claimed that 1 in 7 Gitmo prisoners who were released "returned to terrorism" and they ended up having to retract the story. Maybe they thought no one would notice if they re-ran the garbage again this year....well Shane did.
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And if this makes you as angry as it made me, let the New York Times know:

Here is what I had to say to them:

"I really cannot believe you are running a remake of last year’s fake story on the supposed recidivism rate of the Gitmo prisoners. In fact, if you read through the story it is clear that the NYT is hiding the fact that there really is no story here (administration denies that they have seen any hard evidence to support the numbers.) Who has seen that hard evidence? Perhaps Dick “I will make up anything I need to justify what I did” Cheney?

Decent newspapers are a rarity these days and it seems to me that the NYT is hanging by a thread."

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