Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April fools day is long past... so is this for real??

According to the Washington Post the pentagon is poised to start releasing prisoners at a quicker pace than it has in the past (sigh...) if this report is true approximately 10 will be released before June including one to Mauritania... which I am guessing  would be the only Mauritanian at the prison (otherwise this is an extremely cruel joke)- the esteemed writer of the Guantanamo Diary-- Mohamedou Ould Slahi--
Also discussed in the article is the long awaited release of Shaker Aamer. Read more about Shaker here.
Anyway, rumors are always afloat--- read the whole article here....

Amnesty International calls out Obama for giving amnesty to torturers....

.Amnesty International on Tuesday issued a 140-page analysis accusing the administration of effectively turning a blind eye to the scathing report issued by Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee more than four months ago. 
Pointing to a lack of prosecutions for anyone participating in the interrogation and rendition program, which many people call torture, the group chided the administration for refusing to do a full internal analysis of how it could have been carried out in the first place

Guantanamo's longest hunger striker would like to go home.....

Nine years. That is how long Abdul Rahman Shalabi, has been on a hunger strike. Think about it: nine years of feeding tubes being stuck down your nose and into your stomach twice a day --and why has this man been held all of these years? 

"A man held captive as a suspected Osama bin Laden bodyguard since the day the prison opened at Guantánamo went before a multi-agency parole board Tuesday seeking release to his native Saudi Arabia to marry, finish college and join his brothers in business."

He has been held because he is suspected of being a body guard for Osama Bin Laden. OMG- how many men at Guantanamo have faced that same accusation? I would guess hundreds. And how did those accusations come about? I would guess the same way the accusation came to be made against my client Al-Ghizzawi. A mentally compromised individual accused countless men of being body guards to Osama-- why? Yes, because he was mentally compromised by the same conditions all of these men have been subjected to and it was his way of getting a few extra perks. And our military long knew about this man's mental state and yet they have let those same baseless accusations keep so many of these men in detention without charge for all these years.[Fortunately I was able to prove long ago about the unreliability of this individual as it related to my client] 
As for the man who made these baseless accusations? He has has long been released. 

Shame on Obama and his military for holding not only Abdul Rahman Shalabi - but others as well- for more than 13 years based on these cruel and unsupported accusations by a mentally ill detainee.

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