Sunday, October 12, 2008

Improper defendants???

A couple of days ago I received the email below from the department of injustice telling me that they intend on seeking dismissal of all defendants other than the secretary of defense.... in other words they don't think I should be able to name Bush, Rumsfeld and others that I have claimed are responsible. Just a little house cleaning before the election??? (by the way as best as I can tell the email went to all of the attorneys representing men at guantanamo.)

Respondents intend to file a motion to dismiss improper respondents in each of your cases. An improper respondent is anyone other than the Secretary of Defense in his official capacity. The basis of the motion is similar to those previously filed before Judges Leon and Sullivan (see e.g., 04-cv-1166-RJL Dkt#128). Please advise if you oppose the motion by noon October 14, 2008, ET. Thanks.

The inconventient existence of Abdul Al-Ghizzawi

Thank you Dan Feges at Pruning Shears for this story about my client Al-Ghizzawi. Click on the title to go directly to the article.