Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tear it Down

Click on the title for Amnesty's latest call to close Guantanamo.

Bismullah News

We just received word that Bismullah had a new CSRT on Christmas Eve, which concluded he should no longer be deemed an enemy combatant. The determination became final on Monday and -- according to the DOJ -- he'll be released from Gitmo as soon as possible.

Judge Leon Enters Another Habeas Petition

Mohammed el gharani, the saudi-born chadian kid who was only 14 when he touched down in cuba just had his habeas petition granted.

The extraordinary declartion of Darrel Vandeveld

And this from Andy Worthington:

You may have seen Darrel Vandeveld's extraordinary declaration in Mohamed Jawad's habeas case, but if you haven't I had an advance copy and was able to put this together for when the story broke:

There's a more detailed version here:

Guantanamo myth number 1 rears its ugly head again

Whenever the pentagon feels it is coming under pressure in regards to Guantanamo (which does not happen enough by the way) it breaks out a new fantasy. The return to the battleground has been a favorite as I reported here before..... But what a difference a couple of months makes, huh? A few months ago the pentagon seemed to be content to settle on the figure of "about 30" have returned to the battlefield but this week in the last desperate week before Obama becomes president they have released this latest piece of crap on the title for more...