Thursday, January 8, 2009

And What Little Game is Feinstein up to?

Feinstein has long been recognized as just another Lieberman. She is in up to her ears regarding the illegal surveillance, torture, Guantanamo and the black hole sites.... so why is she now suggesting legislation to close Guantanamo? Perhaps you need to look at this article in alternet to understand just what she is up to.... and keep in mind that prominent in her proposed legislation is reliance on the army field manual. We didn't need legislation to open Guantanamo and we certainly do not need legislation to close it, especially Feinstein's idea of legislation. Just say no to Feinstein.


The talking dog and Guantanamo historian Andy Worthington came up with a list of the Top Ten Guantanamo Judges/Judicial decisions. Each came up with their own top five independently and it is worth noting that the top ten list actually only includes nine (both picked the Supreme Court). Click on the title to read the article and let us know if there is someone they missed.