Monday, August 3, 2009

Gitmo cases are still being stayed

Click on the title to read about the lack of progress in the Gitmo Habeas cases. In the case of Al- Ghizzawi I made the mistake of agreeing to a short stay so that the Obama administration could review his file. Now that it is clear that the Administration is unable to move these men out in a safe and quick process I asked to get Al-Ghizzawi's case back on track for a habeas hearing. My request was met with a court order asking for a status report on September 20...sigh.

Habeas Attorney's are a help not hindrance in resettlment process

The Obama administration has taken the approach that the habeas lawyers should be muzzled from helping in their clients resettlment efforts... click on the title to read why they need our help and why they should be seeking us out instead of slamming the door.