Monday, April 27, 2015

Good news.... bad news....

Well let's look at the good news first:

A Canadian judge ordered Khadr (the kid who landed in Guantanamo at age 15) to be released while his case is pending.... unfortunately little Bush (prime minister Stephen Harper) will not stand for this and is determined to appeal the order.  OHHHH CANADA.....  
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The rumor is still out there that the Pentagon is going to try to get as many men out of Guantanamo as possible in the next few months. (Read here)...unfortunately Carol Rosenberg has discovered that the rumor is probably false. (Read here)

At the same time that the rumor is being squelched the British press is reporting that the last remaining Brit being held (Shaker Aamer) is soon to be released... We can only hope.
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And finally, Carol Rosenberg takes a nice look at Slahi's diary---and the looking glass quality of the whole Guantanamo experience. Here.