Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The pentagon always likes to spin the news when important court dates are upon them. Today arguments are being heard in the D.C. appellate court that will determine the rules the habeas counsel will be subjected to during our next phase in the litigation. So on the eve of this important argument the Pentagon wanted to show the court just how dangerous the detainees are. Since there was nothing new, the pentagon did a re-release of old FAKE news. The pentagon released the "news" that 30 men that were released from Guantanamo "returned to the battlefield." They also said they were releasing the names of six of those men. I haven't received the full six names yet but three of the men "named" were named in previous releases and debunked by me in the articles "the guantanamo myth" and "guantanamo myth no. 2" on these pages.
Four of the names were already dubunked by me... with the help of the governments own records. Of the remaining two we have the 13 year old detainee who was released when he was 15 and at some point after his release he was ostensibly picked up with papers saying he is in good standing in the Taliban. The papers gave him passage in the area of Afghanistan where he lives which is a Taliban stronghold. No indication he was fighting. He would be 18 or so now.
As to the other man, the government claims he was released in 2003 but there is no information that he has been found back on the battlefield only that he is wanted for being a Taliban leader.