Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obama's Military Commissions....

Some of you have asked about the "new" military commissions that Obama signed into law last week. Click on the title for a summary by Daphne Eviatar.

From Roger Fitch and our friends down under at Justinian

From Justinian......

The ACLU, for example, has a dedicated Torture Report web site, and the National Security Archive has an online Torture Archive.

imageThe Public Record, by contrast, has a handy list of 50 people suitable for war crimes prosecutions, including a number of torture abettors.

Torture is in the courts, too. Important rulings were issued on both sides of the Atlantic on the same October day.

In Washington, Judge Royce Lamberth (snap) accepted the CIA’s claims that no torture was being concealed in FOI documents sought by the ACLU.

Lamberth refused to even look at the documents in question.


6 Uighers to Palau

Friday night six of the thirteen remaining Uighers flew off to Palau to try to rebuild their lives. Congrats to attorney George Clark and attorneys at CCR for their hard work. I guess that leaves about 215 to go....(including my two clients).
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