Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what a concept.... (updated...yet again)

Only in the new U. S. of A. could this be an issue, the next man at Guantanamo who is set to have his case heard at a military commission is asking the judge to let him know if he will be released if the jury acquits him. You can read more about this odd question here. The bottom line is that in the kangaroo court also known as the military commission there is no guarantee of release if you are found not guilty. It begs the question, why go through the theatrics if nothing is going to change?
Stay tuned for the answer.....but don't hold your breath waiting.
Carol Rosenberg at the Miami Herald has more here
The military prosecution has now responded- they claim that the military commission can sentence a man to death but they cannot set a man free---and they argue that the military tribunal hearing the case should NOT be told that even if they acquit the man he will not be set free.
Sweet land of liberty......
Carol Rosenberg at the Miami Herald has the follow up here.