Monday, October 22, 2018

The ethics complaints against Kavanaugh and other jokes....

So the Guardian reports today that the 10th circuit judge that chief justice Roberts selected to review the many ethics complaints against Kavanaugh was/is a close buddy of Kavanaugh. In fact, he is another arch conservative that Kavanaugh worked hard to get on the bench back when Kavanaugh was working in the Bush white house. Small world, aye?

As Leslie Proll, who worked on judicial appointments back when Tymkovich was being pushed by Kavanaugh for a seat on the 10th circuit (and now advises the NAACP), “This is the wrong judge at the wrong time,” she said. “Any other chief judge in any other circuit would have demonstrated more impartiality and less conflict. Appearance of bias is important in the law and this fails the test.”

Read more about Roberts sinister game in appointing this particular judge to investigate the claims against Kavanaugh here.