Wednesday, December 2, 2009

YES WE CAN.....but we won't (Updated)

Someone sent me an email questioning whether or not I was really wary of Obama from the beginning or whether I was not now just jumping on some anti Obama bandwagon.... I have jumped on bandwagons in the past when I realized I made a mistake... but this was not one of those times.
Read here for my post regarding Obama in early "08.


Remember it?
Well it is coming into play again... lets see where it takes us.
You see we have been holding men without charge for years, torturing them and forcing confessions....but one of those men illegally held actually had an indictment against him in NY the whole time we were holding him.
We (the US Government) ignored it and held him and tortured him and now we decided to go ahead (six years later) and try him....sigh.
His attorneys filed this... suggesting to the court that maybe this is just a bit illegal.
read more here ...what you will learn is that our government is still protecting the details of his torture and that somehow our justice department doesn't see anything wrong with holding someone for years on end (maybe forever) without charge... and when they finally do get around to the charges they think we should just sit tight and accept it....kind of like the good old soviet union....
except they didn't have our constitution.