Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally an investigation of one of the many war crimes?

Late last year I noted a report from McClatchy news about the destruction of the war crimes site in Afghanistan where thousands of men were massacred after being taken prisoner. Seems now that Obama might want to do an investigation of that atrocity. It is well known that american forces stood by and looked the other way while Dostum's men stuffed thousands of men in shipping containers. When the men started screaming for air soldiers took their machine guns and shot holes in the containers....when all was said and done thousands of men were dead from suffocation and bullets. Some of the survivors ended up at guantanamo and were ultimately released because of course they were guilty of no wrong doing. An investigation will be difficult with the actual site having been destroyed last year but it is time to take the statements of those who survived and figure out what role our military/government played in this crime.
Click on the title for a link to Scott Horton's take on this ....and follow his links to the stories reporting this massacre. Click here to read the emptywheel's take on this.