Sunday, May 4, 2008

Detainees released Wednesday-(Not Al-Ghizzawi) updated yet again

Click on the title to see actual footage from Sami's release.

I took a short vacation only to check in and find out that 4 were released to Sudan (including Sami Al Hag the Al-jazeera reporter I have written about) 1 to Morrocco and 8? to Afghanistan. We are still figuring out who the afghani's are (we know of only 1 as of this posting)... I am also figuring out the names of the Afghani's just released from Policharkey (I figure if I spell it different each time I will be right at least once)... anyway the Afghani's just released either 29 or 34 prisoners from the American wing of the prison, most had been at Gitmo and a few were from Bagram... I will release their names as I get them.... meanwhile these are the Gitmo releases from Wednesday:

Haji Rohullah Wakil (ISN 798), sent back to Afghanistan (not cleared, camp 5)

Sami Al Haj, formerly known as ISN 345 – released to Sudan, not cleared for release (camp 1)

Amir Yacoub, formerly known as ISN 720 – released to Sudan not cleared (camp 4)

Walid Ali, formerly known as ISN 081– released to Sudan not cleared

Said Al Boujaadia, ISN 150 – released to Morocco, had been cleared for release for 18 months (camp 6)