Friday, December 16, 2011

Amnesty International on Guantanamo

Follow this link to Amnesty's latest report on Guantanamo....a decade of damage to human rights.

Defense department authorization act.....

For those of you who are wondering exactly how bad this new law is...the one that Obama is going to sign into law very soon I will put some links to things to read that will bring you up to date. The bottom line is that Obama not only bought into Guantanamo but has now expanded the concept to include U. S. citizens....This has been a slippery slope since 2001 but instead of slowing things down Obama has put soap on the slide.

Emptywheel has a few good posts about it...start here:

The talking dog has some thoughts on this too:

As Senator Franken said, this was not a good way of celebrating the birthday of the bill of rights.....