Wednesday, April 9, 2008


(Click on the title to read the judge's order. Many thanks to Charles Gittings and the Project to enforce the geneva conventions ( )for posting this so I could link to it...btw one of the many arguments the judge ignored was my geneva convention argument... the judge even gave the government a chance to address the issue which I raised in my reply brief...coincidently giving the government the last word in my motion.... the government threw in one sentence on the subject and spent the other 14 and 2/3rds pages presenting new facts that I was not allowed to rebut and the judge himself ignored the whole question of the geneva conventions issue in his Order...)

Judge Bates entered the order yesterday... I know I shouldn't be surprised that the judge continues to believe everything the government says and refuses to allow us to even see the medical records... but I am. In fact one would think that even if the judge was not going to allow Al-GHizzawi or his counsel to see his records... that he would ask to see the records himself just to be sure (in the off chance that Al-GHizzawi and I are not lying)... sigh...The judge actually goes so far as to blame Al-Ghizzawi for his health problems and trivializes his condition...
I thank everyone who submitted letters and signed petitions.... Judge Bates does not. In a footnote he stated that he found it "inappropriate" but hey, I say if a letter writing campaign was good enough for Scooter Libby in trying to stay out of jail it is certainly good enough for Mr. Al-Ghizzawi in trying to stay alive.