Thursday, December 13, 2007


I don't even blink when I refer to the planes taking the prisoners as "cargo planes"... because we habeas counsel fly on "cargo" planes to get to the base...
word is...
another plane landed today to take more prisoners away....
it always seems to take a good 24 hours for the planes to leave so I might not be able to post the who what where etc...
I will be on my way back to Guatanamo on saturday...
but I will report whatever I hear tomorrow and early saturday...
and then you will just have to wait for the remaining numbers until I return....!

Big question... will we be down to 275 when I return?

Stay tuned.....

Another Article About al-Ghizzawi

Thanks to Kate Randall and the World Socialist Web Site for helping to get Mr. al-Ghizzawi's story out and for reporting on information that the more main stream media seem to want to ignore.

To read the entire article click on the title.

Detainees transferred/released yesterday (UPDATED YET AGAIN)

Names are still trickling in, 11 of the 15 now identified.

Afghanis transferred yesterday…

Ghulam Rohani, ISN 003 (if cleared for transfer attorney not told)

Abdullah Wazir Zadran, ISN 976 (cleared for transfer in 2006)

Dr. Hafizullah, ISN 1001 (cleared for transfer in 2007)

Abdullah Mujahid Haq, ISN 1100 (cleared for transfer in 2005)

Abdul Matin (ISN 1002) (not cleared for release)

Gul Chaman (ISN 1021)

ISN 222 wrongly identified by our military as "Omar Abdullah al Kunduzi" (it should make you wonder how they could investigate this man when they couldn't even get his name straight! I will update when I get the correct name from his attorney.)

Abdul Akhouzada (ISN 954) (corrected) (not cleared for release)

Abdul Rauf Aliza (ISN108)

Salim Muhood Adem (ISN 710). (released for transfer more than 2 years ago).
Adel Hamad (ISN 940) (released for transfer more than 2 years ago).

A note on the two Sudanese men: They are now safe with their families. They arrived at Khartoum airport in the early hours of today and were handed over to the Sudanese intelligence authorities. As they got down from the military plane they were given a set of Sudanese clothes to wear instead of the white Gitmo robe. They were then taken to hospital for medical examination and taken afterwards directly to their homes were they were reunited with their families around 5am. They were excellently treated by the intelligence officers who received them at the airport. They were told that they were not wanted any more by the intelligence and were asked to get in touch with those officers should they need any help.