Saturday, August 23, 2008

Military Report on Three Dead Men

"I am informing you that I gave away the precious thing that I have in which it became very cheap, which is my own self, to lift up the oppression that is upon us through the American Government," wrote Ali Abdullah Ahmed Naser al-Sullami, of Yemen, a 26-year-old detainee who had been on one of the longest hunger strikes at Guantanamo, ultimately earning him forced feedings through a tube. In a note neatly folded into his shirt pocket, Sullami wrote: "I did not like the tube in my mouth, now go ahead and accept the rope in my neck."

CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE WASHINGTON POST STORY... but in a nutshell the military report blames the guards, not the policy of imprisoning people indefinitely without charge. Twenty-six year old al-Sullami was actually on the list to be released after it was "discovered" he had no connection to terrorists (he of course did not know he was on the list to be released, it was a secret). However being on the list for release does not mean anything anyway as some men have been on the list for four years and are still sitting in solitary confinement under the cruelest of conditions....and when they are released to their home countries our government never admits the mistakes so the men go home as "enemy combatants."