Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mr. Transparency UPDATED

As everyone knows Obama could not quite get around to closing Guantanamo....but did you know that his department of "justice" is now working to try to keep the attorneys out of Guantanamo? In his latest moves the government is refusing to let attorneys whose clients lost their habeas cases visit their clients...once all appeals are concluded. Apparently Obama thinks these men should not be allowed any further legal representation and that it would be just fine to let these men go back into the dark hole known as Guantanamo....The government is asking that the military be given the sole right to decide when OR IF a detainee needs further legal help and that the attorneys not be allowed to use any of the information they obtained from their clients over the years.... to help their clients in the future.

Lyle Denniston at ScotUS has more on this latest move by Obama's people....